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This series of four articles was written as an exercise in developing a world through the use of creative writing.  In a team of three, I was project/creative lead, and responsible for writing the lore of our fictive world.

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Cure Closer Than Ever.  Release Predicted Within the Month.

The World Medical Association is enthusiastic about the most recent results of cure trials.  Severe Combined Immunodeficiency will soon be a thing of the past.  Cure to be released to supporting governments free of charge.

The World Medical Association (WMA) December 27, 2007 — After almost ten years, it appears that a cure to Severe Combined Immunodeficiency may be just around the corner.  If our SCID department continues to get results consistent with the results they’ve been getting this past week, then we can hope to be mass producing the cure before the end of January 2008.

Since discovering at the beginning of the year, that Severe Combined Immunodeficiency was a genetic disorder caused by the evolution of human kind in a clean environment, the World Medical Association has been working on a cure that targets the disorder at a genetic level, with varying results.  The biggest breakthrough we have experienced is with creating a liquid that can emulate the destructive and gene altering properties of gamma radiation.

While gamma radiation is already being widely used to treat cancerous tumours by creating breaks in DNA strands to great effect, it is still widely misunderstood by the general population and as such has a negative stigma attached to it.  Gamma radiation is completely safe when exposure is limited and controlled, and in the hands of professionals can be exceedingly useful in controlling and containing diseases such as cancer.  It is this application of gamma radio-activity that has become the key in discovering a cure to this disorder.

This fluid that may well turn out to be the future of the human race, works by breaking down the DNA in the human body that contains the defective information on immune-system functions, and assists the cells in rebuilding the strands correctly, essentially ‘resetting’ the genetic code, thus reprogramming the immune system to become effective once again.  After receiving an injection, the process of reconstructing the DNA strands occurs overnight, and as test results have indicated, a newly cured patient will be healthy enough to go to work the next morning.

Unfortunately we will be unable to provide this cure to those governments that have refused to support the World Medical Association in the search for a solution to this world-wide epidemic.  It has been an expensive and financially stressful venture, and the loss of their support has created significant delays in not only ridding the world of this global issue, but also in the quest for a better quality of living in all people.

Those governments that have continued to support the dream of providing better health to all people throughout the world will be allocated free shipments of our cure as quickly as we can manufacture it, in recognition of their generosity and continued support to our honourable cause.


The World Medical Association,

Working toward better health for all people on our beautiful planet


Mary Olanida, director of public relations
The World Medical Association


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