The Wonders of FlashPunk

After an unfortunately short day of work, I’ve blasted way ahead of the development schedule and got something for you all – The end of scope Prototype for Elemental Weaving!

~ Icon Legend ~

Icon for the Cloud Element
Icon for the Fire Element
Icon for the Flora Element
Icon for the Heat Element
Icon for the Moisture Element
Icon for the Soil Element
Icon for the Static Element
Icon for the Water Element



The 8 icons at the bottom of the screen represent the environmental elements.  Each spell changes the balance of the elements in the environment, and the idea for this prototype was to see if it was a fun idea or not.


Very satisfied with the way it turned out, and I’m super impressed by the speed with which I could develop it using FlashPunk.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be developing this idea further, as what really interests me is the way in which both players share the same resources.  It was originally an idea for a Collectible Card Game, but with inspiration from a GameCareerGuide Game Design Challenge, I though about pushing it into the RPG realm.

Dues to Pay

The icons were created by Henrique ‘Ails’ Lazarini, a fantastic pixel artist, and can be found on his DeviantArt Page, along with other amazing work by him.

The characters were ripped by ‘Freki’ from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift, and posted for use at The Spriter’s Resource.

One thought on “The Wonders of FlashPunk

  1. Dr Boo

    Cool little prototype, however I was expecting to get to a point where I would have to change my decisions of what to play depending on the resources available. Instead it just lets the resources go into negatives.

    It would be a cool mechanic as part of a larger game.

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