Sirtet: Last Version

Last Stable Result

After a little bit of mucking around this morning, here’s the final product – [ Sirtet 0.1.2 ]

You can’t lose, which in itself is a memory problem, so don’t go trying to play it for hours on end!
Also, as you’ll probably notice, the left button functions a little differently to the right button… Have fun with that one!
Highlight of the thing, is that you can alter the gravity in the settings.  Unfortunately that’s the only highlight 🙂

The Future:  I might continue work on this someday, but at the moment I happy to let it lie.  I was originally planning an Android app next, but I’m currently considering prototyping something in Python.  Guess you’ll find out later!

2 thoughts on “Sirtet: Last Version

  1. AKirkland

    Nice, I like the tile sets. Found a few bugs, though:

    – The sandy tile (which was the long piece for me) doesn’t rotate the bitmaps when you rotate the piece.
    – Moving to the left was super-fast, but moving to the right was much slower.
    – Not a bug, but I’d say you want the flashing effect as you complete lines to go a bit faster.

    Otherwise, looking good 🙂

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