Project 2: A Long First Day

So today started out a little bit unproductive, as I squandered a couple of hours trying to decide what to tackle as the next project.

Happy to say though, that after considering what I want out of the project the decision has been made, and at the end of the day I’ve got a good 10 and a half hours behind me.  Such is the life when one of my “success criteria” is new working product at the end of every day.

As for the decisions?  Playing it a little safe.  I’m getting relatively comfortable with ClanLib and C++, so I’m sticking with them, (even though I spent a good 15 minutes trying to work out why I was getting a malloc error when I called the basic window constructor…) and thus, by default, Visual Studio and Mercurial.  I’m not aiming to push new technologies for this one, just organisational skills really.
I was considering warming up UDK and nFringe again, but I think that the problems there are such a choice eliminates the need to build an editor, it’s massively overkill for such a short small project, (see: totally prone to scope-creep,) and I already know that I like things to be pretty – taking a step into 3D would multiply my resource searching and visual tuning by 5, minimum.

So, it’s not much but at the end of the day I’ve retuned the basic stuff from the Sirtet framework, (and was relatively surprised at how transportable it is considering I wasn’t coding very modularly…) fiddled around with a relatively new style of class, and found a few sprites that make me smile!

Tomorrow I’ll plan out the end goals / targets, and maybe get a better idea of how far this project will come.  Hopefully your at least a little bit excited 😉

End Of The Day

So I’m not telling you which of the four game-styles I’ve gone with yet, but there’s a few hints around.  Unfortunately for you, I kinda like being cryptic sometimes!

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