Grinding Away

After a the first 8 hour day I’ve managed in a while I’m feeling pretty good about how today went.  Not a whole lot to show for it, but it was really productive and educational.

I spent way too long messing around with Website security stuff, (to the point that “CHMOD” is now officially in my vocabulary,) broke it once or twice, fixed it again, changed themes to something that actually works, (even though it’s broken a few of my plugins,) and gotten onto posting again.  Gives me a good feeling, and a brightened outlook.

Things are working with the Elemental Weaving prototype, and I hit the first milestone 3.5 hours ahead of schedule which is… disappointing.  While it means I picked up FlashPunk a lot faster than I expected, and developed a quick-n-dirty turn-based combat framework in a shorter time than I’d planned, it’s proof that my time estimation abilities are still terrible.


As the day draws to a close though, I can’t help but think about where I’ll be this time next week.  Lookout GDC Europe, I’m coming for you!

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