Free Project Management Sites

After doing some extensive research into free project management systems in the cloud, I though I’d share my findings here for those interested.


  • 5 month Game Development Project
  • 5 person team, all part of development



++ Very visual
++ Checklists within cards to show smaller steps and completeness
++ Google Docs Synchronisation
++ Search and Filter function is lovely
++ Fast and responsive
+ Quite useable
+ Labels for Tasks (with colour!) 🙂
+ “Who’s Online” (the little box next to the face)
– No Calendar
– The comments / activity and general card layout is a little bit messy


++ Google Docs Synchronisation
++ Extremely well laid out
++ Own “home screen” with assigned tasks
+ “Wall” style posting (under “Activity”)
+ “Notebook” area also seems useful
= Central “attachments” area : Everyone can see them in GDocs anyway
= Completed tasks are automatically hidden
– Only one person per task
– No Task Copying
– No sorting of tasks except for the Sections
— No ability to prioritise / tag
– No calendar
– Less due date visibility
— No Breakdown / Checklist within tasks
— Slower and seems buggier


++ Due date, number of comments, priority, and state are highly visible
+ Group Wall as Project front page
+ Discussions Page
+ “Who’s Online”
= Personal calendar for due tasks
– Non-shareable
= Three states: Not started, in progress, finished
– No GoogleDocs integration, no hyperlinking
– Commenting, attachments, and activity are more hidden
– Only one person per task (or “everyone”)
– No task copying
– Weird to go into description and further details (Must click on “comments”)
— No editing To-Do Description after creation

Basecamp Classic

++ Nice project calendar intergration
+ Calendar on the home screen
— Everything else



We’ve all decided on Trello, and probably add to that a Google Calendar or GDocs Spreadsheet for the longer-term time management.
Thoughts?  Disagreements?

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