Change in Direction

So since the start of the course, people have asked me what I want to do, career-wise.  My answer usually revolves around the concept that I can’t draw, and I don’t want to spend my life programming – that my interests lie in writing, psychology, design and mechanics.
However, in my course (at during my internship,) I have found myself time and time again falling into development / programming roles, and I ask myself why.

The last two projects have focused on learning development techniques, programming languages, and enhancing my skills as a developer.  I don’t want my primary role to be as a developer, and I never have.

Over the past few days I’ve been fiddling with AS3 and FlashPunk, throwing down some mechanical ideas onto the paper, and today, catching up on Game-Dev news.  In particular reading the backlog of Guy Hasson‘s articles on Gamasutra.
Today, it occurred to me, that I’m working a little backwards: I’m focusing focusing so hard on learning the tools with which I want to present my ideas, that the ideas I’m presenting are not only lacking, but my writing and design skills are falling behind.
I’ve spent a lot of “completing” my knowledge of Games Development so that I can get on to developing my writing and design skills.

Wait what?

To some of you that will immediately sound a little silly, but it’s the way I think.  I aim for 100% in everything, and sitting here considering that I’ll never “complete” my knowledge of games development is rather foreign, and a little unsettling.  It raises the question, “Then when will I get to work on designing and writing stuff?”.

The answer is now.

I’m not yet sure what the next project will look like, and most likely I’ll spend over half of it hating the tool I decide to use, but I’m going to focus on mechanics and writing.
I’m a little nervous about the state that my design and writing skill-sets are in, but hopefully your a gentle audience!

(Also check out Ben Chandler‘s work.  I don’t like that he’s only a year older than me and already got a heap of fantastic games to his name!)

3 thoughts on “Change in Direction

    1. Jackson Wood

      Funnily enough, I’ve been deconstructing SWCCG for some time now, in an attempt to look at making my own, and for my VCE Graphics I made a board-game.
      Problem is that I’m currently short on testers. Hopefully starting Uni again will change that!

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