Abandoning Project 2

So, I’ve been giving it a bit of thought yesterday and today, and I’m thinking two things at the moment.

   Firstly, even though I’m rather enjoying the dev challenges and the complete control that programming with C++ brings, I’m starting to find I’m wasting more and more time focusing on things that I don’t want to be.  In the past couple of days I’ve spent time studying design patterns and the source code of other games to try and figure out how I should be coding my own stuff.  As the end result, I’m not focusing on the fact that at the end of all this, I want to focus on design, and not development.
   Having development skills and understanding the way games can be implemented is important, and even more so if I want to create my own project from scratch.  That being said, it is currently taking too much away from the time I want to allocate to designing – my target area in the Games Industry.  And so, being fed up with Abstract Factories, draw order, object lifetime management, manager classes and annoying angle calculation implementations, I’m going to start a new project in which I can focus more on design, using a tool-set and with an end goal that facilitates this.

   Secondly, as some of you already know, stuff has been pretty heavy in life at the moment, and as a result I’m having a bit of a rough time concentrating on programming.  As such, I’m wondering if a holiday of sorts at the moment is in order.  Today I’ll consider what I’m tackling for the next project, and look at how we go forward from here.

Final Build

* Finally with a little bit of interactivity. Left-click places the monkeys on the field.  Other than that though, nothing special.

4 thoughts on “Abandoning Project 2

  1. Amanda

    You do realise I don’t particularly understand half of what you’re on about most of the time, but it is fascinating to read your rollercoaster ride for dedication, trials and tribulations! Also, holiday’s don’t always help as issues are still there when you return (blanket statement, not knowing finer details of situations!)

  2. Evan Ritchie

    Life’s getting busy- full time work, relationships, planning for the future. I should have some time to Skype this weekend. You’ll get there. I love you. I’m currently lying in bed at Sam and Penny’s house during a spare period at school. It’s handy having their house so close.

    I’d recommend finding someone with a PS3 and giving Journey a shot. You’ll finish it in one sitting.

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