A Second Day in the Train

Things are moving well forward… even if it’s a lot slower than I’d like. ¬†It’s rather frustrating to learn I can’t make a whole game in just two days! ūüôā
Had another day in the train, and had planned about a 4 hour work-day. ¬†It has turned into an 8.5…

Today’s Lessons

  • Must be a little bit more careful when reverting changes in Tortoise… today I accidentally rolled back a half hour of work in trying to resurrect a single file. ¬†Must say though, I’m very glad it happened now and not at a critical point in time, with critical files, with critical changes ūüôā ¬†For half hours worth of work, it’s a good mistake to make at this point in time.
  • Starting to understand why people use languages other than C++… ¬†Before today I’ve be strongly of the opinion that C++ is the be-all and end-all of programming languages. ¬†Today, however, I had to tackle some virtual and inheritance problems that don’t really exist in other languages. ¬†It was a long-hard lesson about why sometimes, letting a language such as C# or Python automagically handle is just that much easier. ¬†Furthermore, in an attempt to create a custom container for a custom class, I also discovered how useful languages that automagically handle memory, and pointers to objects can be.
  • On the plus side, the custom container situation had one major benefit. ¬†It taught me to stop being a smart-arse. ¬†Most of the time when coding, I’m trying to imagine every permutation and situation in which a class could be used. ¬†Today I worked out that not only is it a waste of time and resources, but I know every permutation and situation in which this class I’ve made will be used. ¬†There’s one situation. ¬†This game I’m making right-now. ¬†Why am I spending hours fiddling around with entry removal and memory management when I only need to add items to the container? ¬†Scoping and time-management are two of my weakest skills, and this experience with C++ has reminded me that sometimes, it’s because I’m trying to be too smart.

Last Stable Result

Anyhow. ¬†I know you want something to fiddle with. ¬†So here’s [ Sirtet 0.1 ]
¬† ¬†*Still going to eat your memory if you play it for a few hours straight. ¬†Other than that, it’s relatively harmless.

5 thoughts on “A Second Day in the Train

  1. AKirkland

    Man, those are lessons I wish I had learned before my big 3rd-year project. It’s 2012 – the only projects that actually gain anything by using C++ are really large-scale, AA or AAA projects that have to draw every ounce of power out of a device that they can. For anything else, heck, Flash, Java, Python, Unity…

  2. AKirkland

    Actually I recently rediscovered the drive to really smash code out after work hours, so I’m making a basic boids simulator that I want to develop into a full underwater scene, and I’m pretty happy with how the technology stack is behaving so far. I’m using Java with LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library, which is really just a slightly enhanced GLUT, and very intelligently designed) and Slick (which adds some more advanced functionality using LWJGL, such as asset importing and font rendering).

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