A New Project – What do you want?

So, I’ve been doing a little bit of fluffing around the past two days, looking at what exactly I want to tackle as the next project.


In terms of the design I’m looking at either of a Tower Defence, a little strategy game, an RPG or a Trading Card Game.  As of yet, I’m not a fountain of ideas, but I know they’ll come.  I have a few ideas for each of them though.
Feel free to vote in the comments!


At the moment I’m a little unsure about the timeframe, but it’ll most likely be a two-week project with around 6 person days when I look at it realistically.  Unfortunately the lack of response from the German University hasn’t helped at all.
Last day (as it currently stands) will be 16th of March – Hey, hopefully it’ll be a nice birthday present for my brother! 🙂


My targets are as follows;

  • Implement minimum of one user-noticeable feature by the end of every working day
  • Setting targets at the start of every day for the day ahead, to avoid scope creep and give myself short-term goals
  • Monitor time-planning and review achieved / attempted vs. planned
  • Minor: Develop some form of editor (something I haven’t even considered so far)

2 thoughts on “A New Project – What do you want?

  1. AKirkland

    An RPG is probably the most extensible, plus you get to do some writing and stuff that can be fun to break up the coding. All sound good though – do you have any specific ideas for each category, or are you pretty much making it up as it goes along?

    1. Jackson Wood

      “Extensible” is what I need to avoid at the moment! (I understand that you don’t meant that from a coding perspective, but I need to train myself in thinking really small, and not even considering extensibility.)
      Have both specific ideas and will be making it up, so feedback is always welcome.
      If you can’t tell from the latest build, I’m looking at a TD 🙂

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