A Messed Up Head

Today was really a weird one.  I haven’t been sleeping well, and couldn’t shake the feeling of imminent stress.  I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with the fact that I still haven’t heard anything from the Uni.  Not really a great feeling when the semester officially starts in exactly one week!

Nevertheless, it was a learning day.  I spent almost 6 hours today on one task.  A logger.  For those of you that code, you know that’s way too long.  As such, there’s only two minor changes to the version for today.  A log.txt for when “shit hits the fan” and (finally) the ability to change the drop speed for the blocks.  That’s actually something I’m happy about, even if it’s not a major development, it’s a step in the right direction.  With only two and a half more working days for this project, I’m feeling a little under the pump, and really wanted it prettier…

I think it’s time to stop fiddling about with the fancies, and get the basics done.  Definitely will be doing a bit of scoping and organising tomorrow!

Until tomorrow night, feel free to fiddle with this – [ Sirtet 0.1.1 ]
   * Oh, actually something else nice to note, is that there’s no memory leaks anymore!  You can leave it on for as long as you want now, and there shouldn’t be a problem… Except that you can’t lose… and the blocks keep coming… I suppose that could be a memory problem, but it’s not a leak in itself!

3 thoughts on “A Messed Up Head

  1. AKirkland

    Looking good! 🙂 All it needs now is a score and “coming next” block image and it seems pretty much done!

    While we’re doing constructive feedback, I’d also say that the blocks need to spend a little longer active before they “lock in”, at least to match up with other tetris games. It looks like you’re giving them one gravity cycle of inactivity and then making them lock – maybe try 2 or 3 cycles?

    Also, is the xml styling a clanlib thing, or your own creation? Either way, it’s pretty cool – try giving the blocks a 45 degree rotation, it messes with your head.

    1. Jackson Wood

      XML is a ClanLib thing, and it makes it really neat for changing sprites, etc. It’s really not a bad framework, and I’m finding it to be rather good.

      The locking thing is already on my task-list, but as a practical task in just getting it done and trying out ClanLib some, I wanted to build in some menus and configurational things.

      Better gameplay coming today 🙂

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