A Day in the Train

   So today wasn’t spent in front of the desk, it was instead spent on the 6 hour train to Berlin!
   Was an interesting experience, but more due to the fact that it was the first day I’ve spent flat-out devving, not due to the environment.  I found that I’m lacking a little focus at the moment, as I was flitting between projects, unable to decide what to work on.
   I took a look at some old Uni spike work, and found that it really is way too difficult to make a console app in ClanLib… (I’ll be on the forums on Monday about that!) and have ended up getting back into the Tetris clone I’d started a whiles ago.  It’s kind of weird: I tend always look down on my past self – I tend to think of him as an idiot.  To that effect, I don’t like opening up old code because design mistakes jump right out at me, and I spend more time “making something work better” than actually “just making it work”.
   I must say though, I’m really loving TortoiseHG.  The ability to take a step back when I’ve gotten too far off track helps me keep focused: I pruned 2 code branches today, and I can see it happening again in the future.

Lesson Learned

   Like always, I really need to plan out what I’m going to do, and not let myself deviate from the plan.  I get lost, distracted and feel useless, when I’m lacking clear direction.  The stuff I’ve learned at SAP is ridiculously relevant, and ridiculously useful right now 😀

Last Stable Result

   Please enjoy the first fruit of my labor – [ Sirtet 0.0.1 ] 
   *As a warning, I know that it doesn’t work properly, and that it’ll eat up all your memory if you leave it on for a few hours without closing it – but it’s more than I had yesterday!
   * The link didn’t work properly, and so I’ve simply removed it as the file itself is obsolete.  I’m sure you’ll, want to download a newer version anyways 🙂

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