Vermin (2013)

Project Bits:


  • Project Lead
  • Game Design Lead
  • Lone Programmer

Team Members:

  • Ruth Bosch
  • Nicole Granzitski
  • Jeanette Reiter
  • Martin Streit

Special Thanks:


Vermin is an attempt to bring the 1980 Game & Watch classic of the same name to a new generation of players.  Conceived as an interactive exhibition piece, this re-make involves players using physical “hammers” to defend their vegetable garden from the hungry moles.  The player stands on a projection surface, underneath which buttons are hidden for the players to hit, and upon which a projection produced by two independent projectors, aligned such that the player doesn’t cast a shadow upon the playing field.

The development of this Vermin was completed during the summer semester of 2013, after being tasked with the development a modern remake of a Game & Watch classic.  Currently being involved in the organisation of a university student project exhibition, I saw this elective as an opportunity to contribute something of my own to the exhibition, and inspired four others to take on the project with me.

With the collaboration between our team and the Museum of Electronic Games and Art, we had the opportunity to exhibit this project not only at the student project exhibition, but also at the Ars Electronica 2013 festival in Linz, Austria.  This exposure helped us conduct user testing on a massive scale, and also develop skills in communicating game ideas with a large audience of differing backgrounds.