Inspectre [WIP]

Project Bits:

  • Ongoing Hobby Project
  • Point & Click Adventure


  • Programmer
  • Assistant Game Designer
  • Content Manager

Team Members:


Lora is an investigator who stumbles onto a ship that should be abandoned, only to discover ghosts wandering around its interior, trapped in a cycles of unresolved stories.  Taking upon herself to get to the bottom of this mystery, Lora proceeds to get involved in the stories and lives of those long past, and finds herself caring more and more about the story of this mysterious ship.

Inspectre was begun as a university semester project during 2013, within which a vertical slice was completed over a three-month period.  This prototype showed great potential, and inspired the team to continue working on it upon the completion of the degree as a “free-time” project.  The team has changed slightly since the completion of the initial prototype due to other commitments, as well as people, such as myself, being brought on in a more formal aspect.

Although my “official” involvement in the project began after the completion of the vertical slice, I had been working on design problems and providing consultation in all areas of development over the course of the project since its conception.  Since the project has entered the hobby-project phase, have taken over the responsibilities of programming, assisting with game design, and managing the production assets through the use of an online repository.