Conquest (2014)

Project Bits:

  • Executable
  • Bachelor Project
  • Vertical-Slice Prototype


  • Project Lead
  • Programmer
  • UX Designer

Team Members:


Four different races are engaged in an epic war over control of the planet’s mana sources, taking to the battlefield in uneasy alliances, to secure regions and gain control of this power-granting resource.  Players are pitted against one-another in this strategic collectible card game involving logistical planning, resource management, and deck building, utilising the advantages of the digital medium to bring the collectible card game experience to a new level.

Conquest was completed as a vertical-slice prototype over a thirteen-week period, within which we created and play-tested 40 different cards over 3 iterations, beginning with a 48-hour paper-prototype game jam using cards from Magic: The Gathering as a base.  The result was the framework / pre-production / design bible for the “full” game, an 80-page thesis, and a fully functional networked-multiplayer game.

My personal experience in the project helped me understand how where I fit best into game development industry as well as allowing me to exercise both the soft and hard skills required to bring a prototype to completion.