Anxietyville: Consumer Hell [Alpha Prototype] (2013)

Project Bits


  • Team Manager
  • Client Co-ordination
  • Lead Game Designer
  • Assistant Programmer

Team Members


During the summer break in 2013, myself and four other students had the opportunity to work as a small independent team on a project outsourced to our University. Over the course of a three month period, we completed an alpha prototype of a mobile game for Xenophile Media as part of their cross-media project Anxietyville. The project involved 40+ hour unsupervised work weeks, whereby my responsibility involved reporting to University representatives as well as the client on behalf of my team. The resulting prototype was presented to the client along with accompanying documentation, source, and assets produced by the team, and formed the basis for the current release of the project.

The experience I gained through the completion of this project were invaluable in learning about the mobile game market and working with clients, and the work my team completed provided our client with an innovative game concept, and the basis of a game of which we are proud to have been involved in.

The project was completed under an NDA that will expire in October, 2018.