About Me

Popstar MugshotWith an insatiable curiosity, and boundless amount of patience, Games Design has appealed to me from a very young age – the constant acquisition of knowledge and relearning of techniques, the requirement of communicating on so many different levels, and a desire and ability to tackle problems in many different forms creatively – all points which fill me with energy and to which I work efficiently.

Born near Melbourne, Australia, I lived most of my life fighting Kangaroos before breakfast until an internship opportunity arose in 2011 in Germany as a part of my Computer Science / Games Design course.  After 12 months at SAP working in User Experience Design designing and implementing animation into a live product, I decided against returning to Australia to finish my course, and have been living in Germany ever since.

Most recently I’ve been working as a Game Designer / UI-UX Designer / Scrum Master at Stryking Entertainment on the Bundesliga Manager for Sport1 in Berlin.  Having recently completed my Bachelor’s Degree, it is offering me the opportunity to push my game design skills further in a working environment.  Being the sole Game Designer at a small startup is not only allowing me to flex my creativity, it is also requiring improvements in my self-confidence and trust in my abilities which I am improving every day.

I am an ever-learning designer, top notch problem-solver, communications expert, competent programmer, and obsessive explorer of philosophy and the human psyche.

I make games, and I enjoy helping others do the same.